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Currently, the old railyard site is nothing but flat, vacant land. The lumber mills are long gone, and the site has been sitting empty for years just waiting for redevelopment. Trout Creek, which has long been neglected, is undergoing a complete restoration that will reroute the creek to a more natural meandering flow and bring native vegetation back to the site.

The planning for the restoration and redevelopment of the old railyard site began in 1995. The Truckee Railyard Master Plan was approved and solidified in 2016 after a lengthy public process that included dozens of community meetings and a unanimous Truckee Town Council vote. The plan specifically designates the old railyard site as the Town’s preferred location for smart growth, density, and redevelopment. The East End is being designed in compliance with the Truckee Railyard Master Plan. Now that site has sat vacant for many years, The East End project provides the opportunity for the Town’s vision to come to fruition.

For more information about the history of the Truckee Railyard and the Truckee Railyard Master Plan visit

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